Saturday, May 26, 2012

What a difference a weekend makes!

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity of taking my Copic Standard and Intermediate Certification classes, led  by Debbie Olson.  All I can say is wow, what an awesome experience.  If you are interested and ever have the opportunity to take these classes do it, you will be so glad you did!  I wanted to share a few before and after pictures, colored images in the top of each picture are before taking the classes, bottom images are after.

I love coloring any of Mo's digi's, in fact, all images in this post are from Mo Manning and can be found at Mo's Digital Pencil.  So, the top digi looks ok, but that's it, just ok.  But, the bottom one now, wowzahs!  By applying the coloring, and shading techniques learned in class, a huge difference was made....dimension was given!

At this point I would like to say a word about R02.  Before taking the classes I HATED R02 for skin tones.  I like the R0000-R00 for fair baby skin, but R02 was pushing it way too far for me.  Debbie taught us to add that third color for a skin tone and to go even farther with a fourth color in the BV and V family to cool the shadows off, and really make them pop.

This digi I used the following colors: Y00, Y35, YR23, R0000, R00, R02, BV10, RV10, B12, B24, B37

This time I think the biggest difference can be seen in the shading on the face.  By adding the shading, especially for the nose, her face now has dimension.

I also used three colors on her hair, I stroked down from the scalp and up from the ends, and left the middle alone to give her hair sheen.  

This digi I used the following colors: Y11, Y35, Y23, Y27, RV10, R0000, R00, R02, BV00, E40, E41, W3, E81, E87, G14, G09, G29, RV14, RV34, B000, BG01, BG05

This image, I also tried some stippling effect on the ground.
For the red in her hat I did palette blending.  I thought that worked very well to keep the darker red under control.

Colors used: RV32, R35, R37, G21, G29, YR21, YR23, YR27, R0000, R00, R02, V20, RV10, E0000, V000, RV63, BG10, BG34, C0, C3, E21, E33, E18

Well, that's it!  For now of course.......